Pet Health

Many people ask us what we do to keep our dogs and other animals healthy.  First, diet is key.  We make homemade food for our dogs every day.  I love the information on real food from Dogs Naturally magazine and all of the information on this site: The Crockpet Diet.


Vaccines and Homeopathy

We have chosen not to vaccinate our puppies and breeding dogs because of the risk of Vaccinosis.

Instead, starting at 4 weeks old we give our puppies a Parvo Nosode from Holistic Pet Care.  This works very well but you must be consistent.

We also recommend Holistic Pet Care’s High Vibe Nutrients, Medicinal Mushrooms and Natural De-Wormer as well as WRM Clear from Homeopet.

Finally, I highly recommend Licithin as a feed supplement.  We add this to our custom made vitamin/mineral protocol we give our dogs daily.


Bioenergetic Testing

We are excited to offer Bioenergetic testing for pets through Pet Medella. 

Bioresonance scanning can be used to identify imbalances or disturbances in a dog’s body. It works by detecting electromagnetic waves emitted by the body and analyzing them to pinpoint potential issues. This non-invasive method can help in diagnosing various health conditions, allergies, and sensitivities in dogs. It’s a holistic approach that aims to restore balance and promote overall well-being. 

Here are some ways it can benefit dogs:

Allergy Identification: Bioresonance scanning can help identify food, environmental, or contact allergies in dogs by detecting specific frequencies associated with allergic reactions.

Pain Management: It can be used to identify areas of pain or inflammation in a dog’s body, allowing for targeted treatment and pain relief.

Digestive Issues: By analyzing the body’s electromagnetic waves, bioresonance scanning can help identify digestive issues such as food intolerances, imbalances in gut flora, or other gastrointestinal problems.

Overall Wellness: Regular bioresonance scans can help monitor a dog’s overall health, detecting imbalances before they manifest as physical symptoms, allowing for early intervention and preventive care.


Here is a sample Pet Medella report.

If you are interested in ordering a Bioresonance scan for your dog, please email

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