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At Autumn Creek Ranch, on our our favorite farm animals is the pig and not just because we like bacon.  Pigs are smart, friendly, curious and industrious creatures.  Despite their bad reputation, they are actually fairly clean.  They do roll in the mud but thats because they dont sweat – rolling in mud cools them off.

We have raised many different breeds but like the Gloucester Old Spot, Mangalitsa, Hereford and Berkshire breeds for their flavor.  By crossing the Gloucester Old Spot and Mangalitsa (lard type pigs) with the Hereford and Berkshire (lean pigs) we get a nicely marbled pork with amazing taste!





We raise our pigs outside all year round.  They move to different fenced areas seasonally to allow the ground to recover from their rooting..:).  We do utilize those powerful pig snouts to both dig up and fertilize new garden areas.  The pigs use “portahuts” for shelter both from the cold of winter and heat of summer.  Our pigs are fed locally grown barley and triticale, locally grown peas and other legumes, garden scraps and leftovers from the bakery.

When cooking pork, its important to prepare it properly.  Here is a great article about the healthiness of pork when prepared with traditional methods.

Our pork is $4.00/lb hanging weight plus butcher fees.  We ask for a $150 deposit to hold a whole pig and $75 deposit to hold a half pig.  We are currently accepting deposits for pork ready in late March and pork ready in July.

If you are interested in purchasing our pastured pork, please fill out the contact form below.

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