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Heritage Grain Sandwich Breads, Cookies & Buns

Modern wheat and products made from modern wheat are a mess!  Because of the way modern wheat was hybridized, it contains way more gluten than heritage grain landraces.  Add to that the fact that its loaded with glyphosate and other chemicals to make it grow, its no wonder so many people can not digest it.  But, the heritage grains (Einkorn, Emmer, Spelt, Turkey Red, etc…) are different!  You can eat bread and cookies and buns – you just need to eat the right kind.

Why Our Bakery Products Are Different

Even though Paleo and Keto are all the rage right now, as a functional nutritionist, Amy believes that eating whole grains is important for good health.  They are a very good source of B Vitamins as well as an imporant form of dietary fiber.  Bob Quinn, in his book, “Grain to Grain” shows how ancient grains, like the Kamut he grows, actually heal inflammation in the body.  Many people who think they are gluten intolerant are actually wheat intolerant or rather modern wheat intolerant!  We started our cottage food bakery to help show people they can eat bread again…

Our Bakery Products

Our bakery products are made using mostly organic ingredients.  For those things that aren’t organic, we source the highest quality ingredients.  Many of the heritage grains and other ingredients we use are  grown in our local area.  We currently offer an on-farm pickup on Wednesday afternoons.  To learn more, please fill out the contact form below.


Sandwich Breads

We make six varieties of bread – Emmer, Kamut, Cinnamon Spelt, Molasses Rye, Herbed Spelt and Dairy-free Spelt.  All our soft breads are perfect for breakfast toast or sandwiches.

Classic Cookies

Our ancient grain cookies vary by the season. All of our cookies are made with Einkorn flour and Coconut Sugar as well as organic butter and organic palm shortening.

Hamburger Buns

Our hamburger and dinner rolls are made with ancient grain bread flour.  They contain none of the preservatives and other nasty things in conventional buns.  They are super soft and the perfect compliment to grass fed beef hamburgers or your special dinner.

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