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Rare Breed Sheep & Alpaca Farm Yarn

Here on the farm we raise three types of sheep for wool – CVM Romeldale, Cotswold and Navajo-Churro. We also raise Suri and Huacaya Alpacas.  CVM Romeldale is a fine fiber with lots of bounce.  Cotswold is a long wool with lots of sheen.  Navajo-Churro is course and great for making rugs and saddle blankets.  Alpaca is soft, luxurious and warm. Our fiber animals are sheared once per year and the fiber is then sent to local fiber mills to be turned into yarn.  Once it’s returned to the farm, Amy uses Eco-friendly fiber dyes to make colorways reflecting nature and the seasons.

Natural Fiber is Better!!

As a nutritionist and health coach, Amy has worked on using more natural products in our home.  Cotton, wool and linen are all fibers that come from either plants or animals, not derived from chemical composition. Natural fibers are breathable, temperature regulating and feel wonderful next to the skin. Once you start to knit or crochet with yarn made from real, natural fibers, you won’t go back – the other feels inferior.

One of the benefits of raising our own fiber animals is that we get to create different blends and weights of yarn each year.  Plus with the addition of new lambs every Spring, we get different colorways.  All of our yarns are hand-dyed in small batches on our farm.  Each season brings new colorways, all of which are inspired by the beauty of nature.  

We hope you enjoy our creations and thanks for supporting local farms!



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