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We began our love of the Great Pyrenees breed almost 20 years ago when we bought a pair to guard our milk goats.  They are amazing livestock protection dogs, also known as the “Gentle Giant”.  We love their personalities and their fierce protection of us and our animals. In 2019, we decided to also begin breeding Golden Pyrenees, a cross between a Golden Retriever and Great Pyrenees.  These dogs retain some of the protection abilities of the Great Pyrenees and do better on smaller properties- they are gentle, devoted and playful.  In 2020 we will also begin offering limited litter of Golden Retriever puppies.

Our Puppy Mission

Our mission in raising our puppies is to help people realize that what they feed their pets makes a difference in their long term health.  So does the vaccines they give and the chemicals the dogs are exposed to.  Amy is a functional nutritionist (check out her practice page here) and has found that the same chronic illnesses and behavior/emotional/stress issues plaguing humans are also affecting family pets.  We need to rethink not only how we eat and live but also how we are raising our animals.  Part of this for us is we feed our dogs a fresh food diet -organic veggies, grains and raw meat, bones and organs.  We do not vaccinate as the issues with vaccinosis are widespread.  We use homeopathic and herbal wormers and homeopathic nosodes to keep our dogs and puppies healthy.  We want the puppy you buy from us to live a long and healthy life and hope you will think about making these changes as well.

Our Farm Dogs

We breed purebred Great Pyrenees and Golden Retriever puppies as well as Golden Pyrenees puppies at Autumn Creek Ranch.  Our puppies are raised holistically and are exposed to pigs, sheep, alpacas, cats and kids!  Puppy prices are as follows (this is an increase in pricing starting 10/15 to reflect current market and some rising feed costs).

Great Pyrenees – $800 plus tax

Golden Pyrenees – $850 plus tax

Golden Retriever – $900 plus tax.

We ask for a $250 deposit to hold a puppy and base puppy picking on the order in which we receive deposits.

Also, please note that while our puppies are purebred (other than the Golden Pyrs) our puppies are not AKC registered.

If you are interested in learning more about our puppies please email

Thanks for your interest in our puppies.


***October, 2020 Update***

Willow had 10 Golden Retriever puppies on October 10th, 7 females, 3 males.  We will begin sending information and pictures of the puppies when they are 4 weeks old and will begin taking deposits when they are 7 weeks old.

We expect our next Golden Pyr litter around the third week of November and are hopeful we will have another Great Pyr litter towards the end of the year.


After losing our sweet Millie Big-Butt, we decided to get a puppy. I couldn’t be happier with our choice. Teddy has received two-thumbs up by our vet in terms of his health and demeanor. While the trainer calls him, “the laziest puppy he’s ever worked with” we love how mellow our little guy is. He is just a happy, go-lucky boy, and I credit that to the breeder’s dedication to handling and caring for their dogs and puppies.

We are over the moon happy with Nova.  Already sits on command and fetches most of the time.  She is a beautiful puppy with a great temperament.  She has caught on to potty training quickly too.

Thank you soooo very much.
M & J

We were looking for a golden Pyrenees because of the temperament and our past experiences with Great Pyrenees as a guardian dog. From the moment the family handed her to us in a very simple exchange, she has been a very sweet, very healthy, exuberant pup. We drove from California to get her and everyone can’t stop talking about what a good looking dog she is! We are so happy she is part of our family and can’t wait to see how big she actually gets. Thank you for raising her on a farm (we are farmers) and exposing her to all the good that comes from that type of life. We would highly recommend autumn creek ranch to anyone looking for a healthy, happy, ready for the world, pup! Thanks again!

E & A

Bella is the sweetest little gal. We had a lengthy car ride home from picking her up and she settled right in for the ride. She didn’t whimper one time and laid snuggled up next to my daughter. She is smart as a whip and learning fast. We are enjoying every minute with her and love her very much!


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